Catface @ Rosehouse

My first solo show was at my favorite little shop in Denver, Rosehouse. isn’t the name so fitting? I was so happy the date landed in October. I love Autumn. I’ve always had an affinity towards the spooky season. A halloween parade passed by on the street outside. I didn’t get to watch it but I caught glimpses of fire, hearses, & skeletons. I was busy inside setting everything up last minute & getting an eerily accurate tea leaf reading from Lynn the head witch & shop owner.

The whole night was a blur. So much energy directed towards me, I swear I could feel it all. I may have felt a little crazy but I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by my loving friends & family who bring me back down to earth. This little introvert is getting better with time. I’m grateful to show my work for the first time in such a cozy shop surrounded by plants, good people & the one eyed shop cat named Angie.

It wasn’t initially my intention, but my work lately has been so introspective, I decided to make it the theme of my show. I’ve never been great at describing my work but a friend of mine put it into words so well.

photos by Julianna

catface x rosehouse playlist

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